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You are ready to do what you love.  But stepping out to start your own business, launch your creative brand and chase your dreams can be as S-C-A-R-Y as it is amazing.  Friend, you do not have to go it alone. 

I have a dream of seeing a growing tribe of women creatives & entrepreneurs flourishing from the heart.  We are just getting started here.  I hope you will join us because our growing family won't be the same if you are not a part of it. - Michele



In a world of comparison, we choose generous celebration of the unique gifts, voice and vision each one of us carries.


In a world of complicated, we choose intentional cultivation of inner purpose, of authentic community, of brands that matter.


In a world of competition, we choose collaboration.  We lift each other up knowing that together we are all more creative and successful.

Mini Workshops Are Coming in 2017!

Your story matters.  You weren't created to just barely get by or just eek out a living.  You are created to make a life.  To belong, to flourish, to thrive.  I am in the initial stages of planning several half-day mini-workshops in the Jacksonville, FL area for women creative entrepreneurs of all types at all stages of development to gather and grow together.  I'm also looking into hosting half-day workshops 1-2x/month on our dedicated Instagram account @flourishcreatives

Keep in touch on our Facebook page, follow our Instagram account and join in the conversation.  There's a whole growing creative tribe waiting to welcome you.  We can't wait to cheer you on!

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