Brands that matter™ exist for a purpose greater than profit alone.  They bring value to the world around them in unique, intentional ways.  They change the conversation and shape the culture they engage.   They give back with purposeful generosity.  Brands that matter™ leave a legacy.

Brands That Matter™ Are:

  • Authentic: They know who they are and they communicate that in creative, congruent ways.  No canned pitches or token mantras.  With transparency and integrity, they let their light shine through.
  • Brave: They make brave, hard, even sacrificial choices to stand for what they believe in and what is best for their customers.  They know copying trends will never lead them to setting trends. They risk boldly, daring to ignite a purpose greater than their own profitability.
  • Catalytic: They are change agents.  They aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo and do things in ways that are unexpected, even unorthodox.  They spark conversations and make us all dream bigger than before.

Michele Perry Design Co. is founded on a social business model. 
Not only do I serve our clients, a minimum of 10% of our profits go to help partner projects in the developing world. I don’t just want to create brands that matter™, I want to BE a brand that matters.

I would love to grab coffee and telephone and chat with you about simple ways you can build social purpose into your new or existing brand strategy.