Harness the Power of Story-Led Growth

My journey to launch Michele Perry Design Co. started a world away in a war-ravaged part of Africa.  I lived in South Sudan 7 years where I founded and led a children's rescue village, school and community outreach projects.  I got to be mama to over 120 children and serve alongside some of the most courageous people I have ever met.

It was there I began to learn the power of story to connect and create community.  The first few years I simply reported stats and facts about what was happening in regular updates online.  Only a very few ever read them.

It is not about reporting, it is about stewarding the story of what is happening and who you are in such a way it creates a platform for relational engagement. Once I shifted the way I communicated, we went from a few hundred readers to tens of thousands.

Photo Credit: Anna Betty Photo

Photo Credit: Anna Betty Photo

Story-Led Business and Organizational Growth Consultation

You want to see your dream grow and inspire your tribe, but the methods and campaigns you have tried seem to fall short.  I can show you proven techniques how to steward your business's, brand's or big idea's story in ways that create powerful platforms for building truly engaged customer relationships.

Start-ups & Creative Business Launch Coaching

The conception-to-launch process is one of the most critical phases of starting anything.  I've successfully lean- launched multiple creative businesses myself, as well as founding an international development work in an African war zone starting with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket that continues to impact thousands.  I'd love to join your launch journey and champion your success.