Authentic, Artful Branding That Creatively Communicates Your Story

whether you are branding for the first time or the hundredth time, these services will set you apart.

You have a creative business idea you want to try, but you don't have the funding to build a complete stand alone website or complete branding experience.  I've created budget-friendly options with fast turn around times to help you get started building your online brand identity and poised for growth.

This is a perfect way to create your basic visual identity collateral needed to present a cohesive online identity. These packages include options to set up a simple branded cover page website that allows you to start building your email list and even offer a downloadable incentive opt-in. It also gives you a branded central place to connect your social media presence and Etsy storefront.  Your dream needs an identity and a home.  Let's start building one today. 


You are ready to take your creative business to the next stage and invest in your success as a business owner.  I only work with one premium brand experience client at a time during the development and design phase of the experience.  You get my total attention.

My Premium Brand Experiences take you from dream to done.  Not only do we create visual identity material, I work with you to develop your brand strategy, social media integration and brand story-telling.  You get me as a business coach, as well as a designer.  You also will have fully-functional Squarespace web site when we are done. Each premium brand experience is custom made for your unique needs.

From brand evaluation & research to visual identity design, brand voicing, messaging & guidelines, branded photography, building brands with social equity, brand implementation protocol & training and so much more, I offer a comprehensive range of custom services designed to take your creative brand and business to the next level.

Harness the Power of Story-Led Growth

My journey to launch Michele Perry Design Co. started a world away in a war-ravaged part of Africa.  I lived in South Sudan 7 years where I founded and led a children's rescue village, school and community outreach projects.  I got to be mama to over 120 children and serve alongside some of the most courageous people I have ever met.

It was there I began to learn the power of story to connect and create community.  The first few years I simply reported stats and facts about what was happening in regular updates online.  Only a very few ever read them.

It is not about reporting, it is about stewarding the story of what is happening and who you are in such a way it creates a platform for relational engagement. Once I shifted the way I communicated, we went from a few hundred readers to tens of thousands.

Photo Credit: Anna Betty Photo

Photo Credit: Anna Betty Photo

Story-Led Business and Organizational Growth Consultation

You want to see your dream grow and inspire your tribe, but the methods and campaigns you have tried seem to fall short.  I can show you proven techniques how to steward your business's, brand's or big idea's story in ways that create powerful platforms for building truly engaged customer relationships.

Start-ups & Creative Business Launch Coaching

The conception-to-launch process is one of the most critical phases of starting anything.  I've successfully lean- launched multiple creative businesses myself, as well as founding an international development work in an African war zone starting with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket that continues to impact thousands.  I'd love to join your launch journey and champion your success.

Brands that matter™ exist for a purpose greater than profit alone.  They bring value to the world around them in unique, intentional ways.  They change the conversation and shape the culture they engage.   They give back with purposeful generosity.  Brands that matter™ leave a legacy.

Brands That Matter™ Are:

  • Authentic: They know who they are and they communicate that in creative, congruent ways.  No canned pitches or token mantras.  With transparency and integrity, they let their light shine through.
  • Brave: They make brave, hard, even sacrificial choices to stand for what they believe in and what is best for their customers.  They know copying trends will never lead them to setting trends. They risk boldly, daring to ignite a purpose greater than their own profitability.
  • Catalytic: They are change agents.  They aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo and do things in ways that are unexpected, even unorthodox.  They spark conversations and make us all dream bigger than before.

Michele Perry Design Co. is founded on a social business model. 
Not only do I serve our clients, a minimum of 10% of our profits go to help partner projects in the developing world. I don’t just want to create brands that matter™, I want to BE a brand that matters.

I would love to grab coffee and telephone and chat with you about simple ways you can build social purpose into your new or existing brand strategy.